Lavender Scented Sachet
Lavender as a natural remedy
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Lavender sachets are filled with the finest and the most beneficial parts of the Lavandula officinalis plant, picked from the cultivated fields of sunny Herzegovina. The scent and the effect of lavender bring a perfect psychophysical balance and effective help when it comes to fatigue and insomnia. Besides, it is well-known for repelling insects and other harmful bugs, thus it is an indispensable part in premises where we spend time, and it also provides a full protection and hygiene for your clothes in the wardrobe.

A Latin proverb says: As rose is the scent of heart, so the lavender is scent of soul.

Use Aromatherapy air freshener
Effect Relaxes, calms, application against insomnia, moths and insects
Basic ingredients Lavender flower
Grammage 10g
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