Natural Argan Oil
A mixture of oils for skin care
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Natural argan oil in mixture with avocado, almond, vanilla and aloe vera oil contains a high level of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids – their combination extends the beneficial effects.

Effect: the oil has beneficial effect on the acne-prone skin, since it helps cleaning the clogged pores. It does as well a natural wrinkle lifting, and is effective when it comes to eczema, psoriasis, skin damages, stretch marks, spots and pigmentation.

Skin type Sensitive, mature, dry skin
Effect Facial and body care, has beneficial effect on inflammatory processes
Ingredients Argan oil, almond oil, avocado oil, vanilla essential oil, D-a-tocopherol, *Benzyl alcohol, *Limonene, *Linalool 
*from essential oils
Grammage 30 ml

Features: Dr.Pasha almond oil is unrefined and cold pressed. The oil is quite light, not dense, absorbs very quickly and has a moisturizing effect.
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