100% Pure Argan Oil
Moroccan liquid gold
20.65 €

Argan oil has exceptional capacities of regeneration and rejuvenation due to high concentration of essential fatty acids, which prevent drying and maintain skin elasticity.

Effects: the oil is effective against wrinkles and slows appearance of the signs of aging, since it boosts metabolism of collagen and boosts its solubility in dermis. It hydrates and softens especially dry and mature skin. It is also exceptionally effective for the nail and hair care.

Skin type Mature skin
Effect Skin, hair and nail care, anti-aging effect
Ingredients 100% pure argan oil
Grammage 30 ml

Color & Fragrance: The oil is silky color and absorbs into hair and skin in just a few minutes. The oil has a mild nutty smell, but if argan oil does not have this nutty note, this does not necessarily mean that it is not original. Pure Argan Oil should have a slightly nutty scent that resembles olive oil, but with a nutty note. Specifically, the scent of argan oil depends on a number of factors - soil type, humidity, rainfall and other climatic conditions before collecting, then on the type of processing (in some parts of Morocco, due to the high demand the oil is mechanically processed - cold pressing) and then processing for other needs.

Features: Dr.Pasha pure argan oil is unrefined, cold pressed and pure argan oil. The oil is very light, not dense, it is very quickly absorbed and the skin is soft after use. For pure argan oil on the product label it should be clearly stated: "100% argan oil" or "100% argan spinosa kernel oil".

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