Dr.Pasha story is written in by the language of nature, interwoven with fragrances and colors of the most beautiful fields. Dr.Pasha workshop of natural cosmetics believes that the rich and diverse nature has given us so many things that it is completely unnecessary and harmful to find solutions for care in chemical substances. That is where our slogan finds its place: "Beauty, boosted by nature". Our products are indeed 100% natural and we guarantee that by each percentage. That means the products do not contain any preservatives, artificial colors, alcohol, synthetic substances, industrial base elements, emulsifiers, stabilizers, perfumes, or any other chemicals. We do not test our products on animals.

In production, we exclusively and uncompromisingly use the raw materials that do not have any mechanical processing and do not have any contact with substances that would vitiate a rich content of minerals, vitamins, amino acids necessary for the care and maintenance of skin health. Our ingredients such as kernel butter, seed oil and highly concentrated essential oils produce excellent results in the prevention and the treatment of various skin problems. With many years of efforts, work and research in field of natural care, we expand our activities with a line of new Dr.Pasha products, with new recipes. We follow traditional recipes and we also follow the world trends in skin care based on natural ingredients – we make effort to produce a favorite product for all, which would spoil, relax and revive the skin and the body.